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Nethub Online Limited

Nethub is organised by a group of engineers and management team who have over 10 years experience in web hosting industry. It can be said that we are not only to accompany the growth of Internet in Hong Kong, but also the founder of the Hong Kong web hosting industry. Over the past decade, the competition of web hosting industry has been intensified, the price is always dropping, this phenomenon makes a lot of the older generation abandon the web hosting industry. Today, there are a lot of large and small web hosting companies in Hong Kong. As the entry threshold is not high, their quality are bad and charge differ greatly. As a customer, they often measure the quality of a web hosting plan base on pricing. In view of this, Nethub as a new web hosting company, we will show our web hosting plans to let customers understand what is "you get what you pay for". We not only divide the hosting plans into basic hosting and commercial hosting, but also completely disclose all the information of server configuration, which data centers are chosen, server operating system and server control panel to customers, all the information completely disclosure to customers. Hence, customers can choose the suitable web hosting plan according to their needs. Our aim is to provide quality services, establish a new generation of high quality, best services and affordable web hosting company. For more details, please refer to the "Why Choose Us".

In order to face the market competition, we have set the price level in the low-middle class market. In order to develop a larger low-middle class market, Nethub firstly provide free web hosting services in Hong Kong. As long as the customer register or renew their domain via Nethub, they can enjoy this free hosting services. The server configuration, data center levels of free web hosting services are the most commonly used settings in the current market.

With many years of extensive technical experience, we strongly believe that high quality web hosting will be able to shine in Hong Kong, the only one target that Nethub did not hesitate to invest heavily in servers and data centers resources: providing high quality of services to create new cogitation of web hosting industry.