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What's New

Calendar 2017-08-18
Nethub has won "The Best of Domain Name & Cloud Hosting" Award in "e-brand awards 2017"
"e-zone" is the No.1 Best Consumer Electronics Magazinein Hong Kong, and the "e-brand awards 2017" is organized by the Hong Kong Economic Times. It is one of the largest and most representative IT events in Hong Kong, and widely recognized by the industry. The winning company is jointly elected by the public and the professional jury, which includes industry leaders, professional associations, academic experts and media editors.

Nethub has awarded the "The Best of Domain Name & Cloud Hosting", and we would like to thank our customers and partners for their recognition and support.

For more information on the e-brand awards, please visit the e-zone website http://ebrand.e-zone.com.hk.

Calendar 2017-01-17
Introduced New WebEasy System 2.0
Nethub has launched DIY website system 2.0, which supports tablet, ipad, mobile version, and it is more beautiful, installing this website system costs additional monthly fee HK$60 only, for details please go to here.

Calendar 2016-07-28
Web hosting plans are upgraded
Nethub has renamed Personal Web Hosting as Basic Web Hosting, and has upgraded basic web hosting plans and commercial web hosting plans greatly. Now the storage and monthly traffic are 50GB-2000GB, email accounts are 10-500, which can support small business to enterprise's usage.

Calendar 2016-07-10
PHP 7.0 is now supported by Nethub basic web hosting services
PHP 7.0 has been released since 3 Dec 2015 and Nethub supports it by commercial web hosting and VPS hosting services since 13 Dec 2015, and now we support it in basic web hosting services as well.

Calendar 2016-04-12
Introduced New ShopEasy System 2.0
Nethub has launched new online shop system 2.0, which supports tablet, ipad, mobile version, also supports coupon, slideshow, product comparison...etc., installing this online shop system costs additional monthly fee HK$120 only, for details please go to here.

Calendar 2016-01-25
Introduced Hyper-V VPS server
To provide diversified and scalable virtualization solutions, Nethub now offers Hyper-V Windows VPS servers addition to Odin Virtuozzo Windows VPS and OpenVZ Linux VPS, which provide customers with more options in VPS products.

Calendar 2015-12-13
PHP 7.0.0 has been released and is now supported by Nethub commercial web hosting and VPS hosting services
On 3rd Dec 2015 the PHP development team announces the immediate availability of PHP 7.0.0. Nethub as an official Hong Kong mirror site of PHP.NET now supports PHP 7 by commercial web hosting and VPS hosting services, which is the first web hosting provider supporting PHP 7 in Hong Kong.

This release marks the start of the new major PHP 7 series, PHP 7.0.0 comes with a new version of the Zend Engine, numerous improvements and new features such as

- Improved performance: PHP 7 is up to twice as fast as PHP 5.6
- Significantly reduced memory usage
- Abstract Syntax Tree (AST)
- Consistent 64-bit support
- Improved Exception hierarchy
- Many fatal errors converted to Exceptions
- Secure random number generator
- Removed old and unsupported SAPIs and extensions
- The null coalescing operator (??)
- Return and Scalar Type Declarations
- Anonymous Classes
- Zero cost asserts

Calendar 2015-02-11
Nethub has introduced comprehensive portfolio of SSL digital Certificates purchasing services
Nethub has introduced comprehensive portfolio of SSL digital Certificates purchasing services, up to 10% off discounts. The SSL certificate authority brands we offer covers 65% of worldwide SSL websites, including Symantec SSL, Geotrust SSL, Thawte SSL, RapidSSL, Comodo SSL certificates, which are more than 40 types of SSL.

SSL is security technology to encrypt connection, using SSL provides greater security than an unencrypted web connection. It reduces the risk that information might be intercepted and misused by a third party. Many site visitors feel more comfortable sharing payment and other personal information when they know they're using an SSL connection.

In addition Google also announced starting to use HTTPS as a ranking signal on 6th August, 2014, it means that using SSL may also improve ranking of a website in search engines.

Calendar 2014-12-10
Nethub has become an official Hong Kong mirror server of MariaDB
Nethub has become an official mirror server of MariaDB which is the first mirror in Hong Kong.

In 2008 Oracle acquired MySQL, after several years Oracle is making MySQL a more closed software project, so that many corporation replaced MySQL with MariaDB.

MariaDB is a community-developed fork of the MySQL intended to remain free under the GNU GPL, the intent is also to maintain high compatibility with MySQL, ensuring a "drop-in" replacement capability.

Calendar 2014-08-05
Nethub introduced 100% pure SSD VPS
SSD (Solid State Drive) provides super fast response time and extremely fast random read/write speed, it makes that VPS reboot needs 7 seconds only. Monthly fee is only HK$230, for details please go to here.

Calendar 2014-08-05
Linux VPS Plans Upgraded
Linux VPS Plans have all been upgraded, storage and memory are significantly increased, and 2 advanced plans are added for more customers' need, maximum configuration provides 1000GB harddisk and 16GB memory, for details please go to here.

Calendar 2013-08-15
New .hk pricing
Nethub has reduced the pricing of .hk domains as low as HK$160/year, for details please go to here.

Calendar 2012-05-22
Introduced New ShopEasy System
Nethub has launched new online shop system, provide new online shop function such as coupon, slideshow, product comparison...etc., installing this online shop system costs one time charge HK$800 only, for details please go to here.

Calendar 2011-07-19
Introduced New WebEasy System
To meet beginner's needs, Nethub has launched new web site system, no additional monthly fee, you can build a web site by paying HK$500, for details please go to here.

Calendar 2011-01-25
Lunar New Year Holiday Schedule
Happy Lunar New Year & wishing you great success in the new year! During Lunar New Year holiday, Nethub will be closed as shown below:

Lunar New Year Holiday : 3 Feb 2011 (Thursday) to 7 Feb 2011 (Monday)

The operation will be resumed on 8 Feb 2011 (Tuesday).

Calendar 2010-12-07
Introduced ShopEasy System
To meet market's demand, Nethub has launched online shop system, no additional monthly fee, you can build an online shop by paying HK$800, for details please go to here.

Calendar 2010-09-13
Half price for half year of VPS
Now buying any VPS plan 4 (Windows 2003 / 2008 or Linux) and prepay 1 year, you can get 50% off for half year! Limited offer, a limited number of miss the chance.

Calendar 2010-09-13
Nethub introduced Windows 2008 VPS server
Windows 2008 VPS server hardware has 2 Intel Qual-Core CPU with 24GB RAM, which let every VPS customer enjoy an efficient Windows 2008 server

Calendar 2010-02-06
Nethub has become an official Hong Kong mirror site of PHP.NET
PHP is a widely used, general-purpose scripting language that was designed for web development to produce dynamic web pages, it is open source and easy to learn. With fast and stable server and data centre, Nethub Online has become an official Hong Kong mirror site of PHP.NET, official website address is http://hk1.php.net.

Calendar 2009-07-03
Register .asia domain to get 2GB USB thumbdrive free of charge!
To promote .asia domain, now DotAsia will be offering 2GB USB Memory Stick for free, it just requires new .asia registration with minimum 2 years, for more details please visit here.

Calendar 2009-03-25
First introduced!! Activation Before Payment, our quality services will provide you 100% confidence
In order to let customer has more confidence on our quality web hosting services, now customer can request to activate the hosting services to use first, and pays after satisfaction of our services.

Application procedures: Complete the online application form and submit the required documents, the service will be activated immediately.
No charge if you do not satisfy: If you have any dissatisfied with our service, you do not need to pay.

1. For Hong Kong customer only. Customer fills out online application form and need to mark with "participate in Activation Before Payment special promotional".
2. Commercial customer has to provide effective Business Registration copy, personal customer has to provide HKID copy.
3. If customer is going to register a new domain name, we will provide a temporary domain for temporarily usage. New domain registration can be completed once customer settles the payment. (Nethub Online Limited does not guarantee the domain can be registered after the payment.)
4. After service is activated, customer has to pay within 15 days, otherwise service will be suspended or cancelled.
5. This promotion is only applicable to web hosting basic plans, VPS server hosting basic plans, value-added services are not applicable.
6. Nethub Online Limited reserves all the final interpretation and decision of this promotional activities.

Calendar 2008-09-01
Commercial Web Hosting Promotion Month
In order to let more customers experience the high-speed, stability, high quality of commercial web hosting servcies, from now until 31 October, successful application of any commercial web hosting plan customer who will be immediately get $100 in cash rebate. Grab the golden chance and act now!

Calendar 2008-06-10
Co-operate with HKDNR to provide free domain and free web hosting services to charitable organizations
Nethub co-operates with HKDNR to provide "Love4.hk" program, in order to encourage Social Enterprises to utilize the prevailing advantages and effectiveness of Internet in promoting their businesses with minimal cost but fruitful return, eligible charitable organization and their subsidiaries, and Social Enterprises can register a .hk domain name, web and email hosting services with first 2-year fees waived.

The target of this promotion is for Social Enterprises and charitable organizations and their subsidiaries, who can benefit from websites with ‘.hk’ domain names that communication will be reinforced in an interactive way while involvement from various social sectors will be strengthened. Through the two years application of .hk domain name and web hosting services, social capital of Social Enterprises is expected to be upgraded, encouraging the participation and interaction of the society.

Promotion until 30 September, 2008, please act now to seize the opportunity to build your Hong Kong online image.

Free services include:
New domain registration fee - .hk / .org.hk / .組織.hk
Free web hosting plan
All plans of basic web hosting Windows platform
All plans of basic web hosting Linux platform
All plans of commercial web hosting Windows platform
All plans of commercial web hosting Linux platform

Interested organizations can dwonload application form and Nomination Letter, fill the forms and fax it at 2622 2302 or email to .

Calendar 2008-05-01
VPS services have been launched
Nethub Online VPS server hosting services have been launched officially. Powerful server hardware, low price, quality services, which build a highly efficient Virtual Private Server platform, the cost is only $180/month or up, for details please refer to Linux VPS and Windows VPS.

Calendar 2008-04-24
Anti-spam 4 layers filterring solution has been launched
Anti-spam 4 layers filterring services are provided under all web hosting plans of Nethub, which can reduce spam email by 95%-99%.

Calendar 2008-02-27
WebEasy system has been launched
To meet market's demand, Nethub has launched WebEasy system, no additional monthly fee, you can build a new websites by paying HK$500, for details please go to here.

Calendar 2008-01-31
SWsoft renames itself Parallels
SWsoft, as a leader of system automation, operating system virtualization and desktop virtualization industries, announced the adoption of "Parallels" as the new company name. They also revealed a new marketing strategy - "Optimized Computing", the new strategic objectives are aimed to provide the industry's most comprehensive cross-platform virtualization and SAAS (Software as a service) to individual users, business users and service providers.

Calendar 2008-01-02
Focus on online advertising
Step into 2008, Nethub Online will focus online advertising. Nethub Online spends a huge advertising costs, partnership with Yahoo Hong Kong and other well-known online media to promote high quality web hosting services.

Calendar 2007-11-09
I.T. magazine advertisement
Nethub Online choose an IT magazine leader - e-Zone as a long-term partner, the first round of magazine advertisements are published from today in the e-Zone. All customers can get our new information through e-Zone in the furture.

Calendar 2007-11-01
Office of the Telecommunications Authority PNETS License
Today, Nethub Online passed the Hong Kong Telecommunications Authority approval, be issued PNETS license. Our PNETS license number is: 1377. It firmly established the legitimacy of Nethub Online's web hosting and other international value-added telecommunications services in Hong Kong.

Calendar 2007-09-21
Hong Kong Domain Name Registration Company Limited (HKDNR) service partner
In order to handle application and other matters of .hk domain name for clients more quickly, Nethub Online officially becomes Hong Kong Domain Name Registration Company Limited (HKDNR) service partner. Now customers can also know latest news of Hong Kong Domain Name Registration Company Limited (HKDNR) through our web site.

Calendar 2007-09-18
Nethub Online website is officially online
Nethub Online web site is online. With Hong Kong's first introduced free web hosting plan, high quality basic and commercial web hosting plans, we will be able to establish a new generation of web hosting industry in Hong Kong. With "high quality" products and services, we believe that providing web hosting services with heart will be able to get more and more supports from customer.

Calendar 2007-09-10
SWsoft certified partner
In order to provide the best quality web hosting services, Nethub Online has not only used Dell Xeon servers, we has also chosen SWsoft's Plesk products as the server control panel software. In order to provide perfect technical support services, today Nethub Online formally adopted by the SWsoft certification to become SWsoft certified partner.

Calendar 2007-08-18
Microsoft Web Hosting Partner
Today, Nethub Online formally joined the Microsoft Web Hosting Partner program. Microsoft will send the latest developments and technologies to the partners through this cooperation program on a regular basis. By this partnership, we will grasp the latest hosting technology of Windows server to provide users with high-quality, stable services.