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Intel Professional Server Hosting

Intel Professional Server Hosting
  Intel professional dedicated server hosting plans let you own all server resources exclusively with affordable price, you may upgrade the hardware configuration and operating system according to your need, and can be hosting unlimited domain names and e-mail address, economical and functional. Data centre of server hosting are HKNet or HKBN, which provide fast connection to the world.

Plan A Plan B
limited offer
Plan C Plan D Plan E Plan F
Monthly Charges
12 months prepayment HK$850/mth
HK$1,000/mth HK$1,280/mth HK$1,680/mth HK$1,980/mth
6 months prepayment HK$950/mth
HK$1,500/mth HK$1,980/mth HK$2,380/mth HK$2,880/mth
3 months prepayment HK$1,100/mth
HK$2,200/mth HK$2,880/mth HK$3,280/mth HK$3,880/mth
Setup Fee HK$1000 HK$1000 HK$1000 HK$1000 HK$1000 HK$1000
Server Information
CPU Intel G630T, 2C2T, 2.3GHz, 3M Cache Intel i3-2100, 2C4T, 3.1GHz, 3M Cache Intel i5-8400, 6C6T, 2.8GHz, 9M Cache Intel i5-8500, 6C6T, 3.0GHz, 9M Cache Intel i7-8700, 6C12T, 3.2GHz, 12M Cache Intel i7-8700, 6C12T, 3.2GHz, 12M Cache
Memory 2GB 4GB 4GB 8GB 16GB 32GB
Hard Disk Drive (HDD)
+ Backup Hard Disk (HDD)
1 x 1TB 2 x 500GB
+ 500GB
2 x 1TB
+ 1TB
2 x 2TB
+ 2TB
2 x 2TB
+ 2TB
2 x 3TB
+ 3TB
Free upgrading to Solid State Disk (SSD)
+ Backup Hard Disk (HDD)
- 2 x 128GB
+ 160GB
2 x 128GB
+ 160GB
2 x 256GB
+ 320GB
2 x 256GB
+ 320GB
2 x 512GB
+ 1TB
MainBoard Intel Chipset WorkStation Board
Operating System Linux (CentOS / Fedora / Debian / openSUSE / Ubuntu / Scientific)
Application Server Apache Web Server, DNS Server, FTP Server, MySQL Server, Qmail Mail Server
Control Panel Nethub Control Panel (CentOS Only), Upgrade to Plesk Control Panel
Plan Details
Data Centre HKNet HKNet
Dedicated IP Address 1 1 1 1 2 2
Monthly Traffic 150GB/mth 200GB/mth 250GB/mth 300GB/mth 350GB/mth 400GB/mth
MRTG Report Supported
UPS Power Failure Backups Supported
Office Hour 2-Hour Response SLA Supported
24-Hour Server Monitoring Supported
Value-Added Services
Additional 50GB Monthly Traffic HK$200/mth
Advanced Daily Remote Backup Service (500GB Data) HK$300/mth
Extreme Hourly Remote Backup Service (500GB Data) HK$1000/mth
Additional 1 IP Address HK$100/mth
Server re-installation service HK$800/time
SSL Certificate Installation (per common name) HK$300/time
PositiveSSL Certificate + Installation HK$643/yr
Upgrade OS to
Windows 2008/2012/2016 Standard/Datacenter Edition
Plesk Control Panel
- Web Admin Edition (10 Domains)
Plesk Control Panel
- Web Pro Edition (30 Domains)
Plesk Control Panel
- Web Host Edition (Unlimited Domains)
Plesk Premium Email AntiVirus for Plesk HK$200/mth
Netscreen SSG 5 Firewall Ask for quote
Netscreen SSG 140 Firewall Ask for quote
Cisco ASA 5510 Firewall Ask for quote
Cisco CSS 11501 Load Balancer Ask for quote
F5 1600 series Load balancer Ask for quote
DAS / SAN Storage Ask for quote
Microsoft SQL Server Ask for quote

For details please contact our customer representative at (852) 2622-2130 or email to .

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