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Secure Email (S/MIME) Certificates Comparison Chart

Sectigo Registered Partner

Sectigo (Formerly Comodo) Personal Authentication Certificate

Sectigo Personal Authentication Certificates are affordable solutions for client authentication, document signing, Email signing & Email encryption. These certificates digitally sign Email, allow you to authenticate yourself as the sender and make Email impossible for anyone to alter its contents. It can also guarantee privacy by ensuring your message cannot be intercepted and read by anybody except the intended recipients. Futhermore, Sectigo Personal Authentication certificates allow you to sign important document to prove it has not been tampered with since it was signed.

Sectigo Personal Authentication Certificate Basic Sectigo Personal Authentication Certificate Pro Sectigo Personal Authentication Certificate Enterprise
Official Price HK$374/yr HK$466/yr HK$622/yr
Discount 10% Off 10% Off 10% Off
1 Year Prepayment HK$336/yr HK$420/yr HK$560/yr
2 Years Prepayment HK$313/yr HK$422/yr HK$563/yr
Features & Benefits
Encryption Strength 128-bit to 256-bit 128-bit to 256-bit 128-bit to 256-bit
2048-bit RSA private key support support support
Supported Microsoft Outlook, Windows Live Mail, Mozilla Thunderbird, MAC OS X Mail, Apple Mail, Eudora, iOS, Android support support support
Email Encryption support support support
Email Signing support support support
Document Signing support support support
Client Authentication support support support
International Domain Name (IDN) support support support
Example Domains joe.smith@domain.com Joe Smith, joe.smith@domain.com Joe Smith, ABC Company, joe.smith@domain.com
Issuance Time Minutes Minutes 1-2 Business Days
Validation Method Domain Validation (DV) Organization Validation (OV) Organization Validation (OV)
Free Reissues support support support
Free CSR Generation support support support
Free assistance throughout the validation process to successfully obtain an SSL certificate support support support

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