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OpenVZ Linux VPS
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Why Choose VPS

arrow icon Performance
Virtual Private Server (VPS) is a server that between shared web hosting server and dedicated server, it uses advanced virtualization technology to divide a powerful physical server into several isolated Virtual Private Server (VPS), these Virtual Private Server (VPS) has the same performance, security and scalability of dedicated server, however the cost is significantly lower than rental price of the dedicated server, it also does not need to bear the cost of server hardware maintenance and management.

arrow icon Flexible Resource Management
Virtual Private Server (VPS) provides an independent right to manage the system while a shared web hosting server does not, this is a best solution for web developers who need the flexibility in the management of dedicated server, but their actual demand has not yet reached the performance of dedicated server. Compared with the shared web hosting server, Virtual Private Server (VPS) in bandwidth, speed, security of the site's advantages such as outstanding support for remote management of a super administrator to enable enterprises to more effectively control their own CGI programs, data the library and other Web resources. Compared with the shared web hosting server, Virtual Private Server (VPS) has advantage in many aspects such as bandwidth, speed, security of the web site, it supports remote management for super administrator, which enables enterprises to control their own CGI programs, data the library and other web resources more effectively.

arrow icon Townhouse Living Advantage
For example: Shared web hosting is like living in an apartment building, dedicated server likes independent villa, Virtual Private Server (VPS) hosting is more like living in a townhouse with your own private yard. The only common area you share is the parking area and entrance; All traffic goes through one network port which can avoid the impact of other users. In contrast to apartments or shared hosting accounts, you pay more for a VPS Hosting, but you can do what you want with the space.

arrow icon Cost Effective
Virtual Private Server(VPS) is a very high valued technology, it provides a new internet solution for the small and medium enterprises who want to create a more efficient e-commerce platform, but are not willing to pay for high cost of dedicated server.

Combined with unbeatable operating system virtualization technology, which brought a series of advantages to VPS products.
User Control
Users are isolated each other, control is straightforward and flexible, running any application software, to create any custom configuration.
High Security
Higher level of security also means a higher service reliability.
Resource Control
To ensure that users have higher levels of services and resources, VPS's peak values allows to use the available resources to provide a service that better than dedicated server.
Application Upgrade
Obtain a new operating system and application software can be up to date, which reduce security risks.
Self Management
Self management and use of troubleshooting tools: restart, recovery, reinstall, backup, real-time monitoring of VPS. Operation logs and resource statistic functions help administrators to identify and troubleshoot problem.
System Migration
Upgrade and migration without stopping the service can meet low to high and almost all demand of hosting services.
Backup And Recovery
With the backup and recovery functions, VPS service solution provides backup space for user.