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4 Levels Spam Filter Solution (Anti-Spam)

4 Levels Spam Filter Solution (Anti-Spam)

Spam problem is getting worse, dealing with spam E-Mails is extremely time-consuming. According to statistics, the general E-Mail users receive spam E-Mails even more than normal E-Mails, in worse case 90% of the E-Mails are spam, which is not only a nuisance to the E-Mail users, but also reduce the production efficiency.

In order to solve the spam problem effectively, Nethub minimize nuisance of junk E-Mail via the following 4 levels anti-spam filtering mechanisms.

Level 1 - Reject E-Mail from specific E-Mail servers
On the internet, there are lots of email servers for spammers to send junk mail; At the same time, many spammers will use broadband or dial-up accounts to send spam. Nethub refuses to accept E-Mails from these servers' IP via real-time IP blacklist. This will not only help reducing 80% of the junk E-Mails, but users also save email storage and time of spam downloading.
Anti-Spam filtering Level 1
Level 2 - Intelligent Spam Identification System #
Some spammers will use some "clean" IP addresses to send spam in order to avoid the first level anti-spam filtering system. In this situation, Nethub's intelligent spam identification system will scan all incoming messages, and identify whether this is spam. Users can use the software to quarantine the E-Mails that have been identified as spam, which will help to isolate the remaining 10-15% of spam, 90-95% of the spam E-Mail filtering is reached.
Anti-Spam filtering Level 2
Level 3 - Intelligent learning mechanism
In many cases, each user may have different definition of spam E-Mail (e.g.: receiving financial information). Hence, intelligent identification system, a unified mechanism might not be able to fully meet the needs of each user. Therefore, E-Mail users using Nethub can set the intelligent identification system for E-Mails intelligent learning. The system will learn, gather statistics and analysis from your E-Mails by statistics, probability, marginal probability theories, thereby enhance the accuracy and reliability. As each E-Mail users can set up their own independent learning mechanism, so that all E-Mail users can analyse their own spam E-Mail, nearly 95%-99% of the junk E-Mail recognition rate is reached.
Anti-Spam filtering Level 3
Level 4 - Blacklist / Whitelist
Finally, the E-Mail users can also create their own blacklist or whitelist in order to prevent the normal E-Mail was incorrectly identified as spam, and vice versa.
Anti-Spam filtering Level 4

* All web hosting plans of Nethub provides 4 Levels Anti-Spam filtering service above free of charge.
# The effectiveness of second level intelligent spam identification system of Windows web hosting plans would be relatively poor.